Utilizing precious metals as a hedge against inflation with Orion Metal Exchange

12 March 2024

Inflation, when too many dollars are chasing too few goods, services, and commodities, is of growing concern reports Orion Metal Exchange. As it continues to affect your purchasing power, understanding its multifaceted consequences and how you can fight against it is essential.

As the prices of goods and services rise, consumers find their money can buy fewer items. This can lead to a reduced standard of living, particularly for those with fixed incomes or limited resources.

Inflation can also create uncertainty for businesses. Companies may struggle to predict future costs, which can hinder company growth and revenue. Uncertainty in the business environment can hamper financial upside potential for the companies and its investors alike.

Inflation can significantly impact investment portfolios. Fixed-income investments, such as bonds, will offer diminishing real returns when inflation is present.

To effectively hedge against inflation, utilize precious metals, such as gold and silver. Precious metals have historically retained their value in times of economic uncertainty and rising inflation. Additionally, precious metals often have an inverse relationship with fiat currencies, meaning they tend to rise in value when currency values decline due to inflationary pressures.

Jacob Blalock, CEO of Orion Metal Exchange, states "With the stock market at all-time highs, smart money has been moving away from speculation and into precious metals to hedge and protect against the present risk caused by geo-economic uncertainty and inflation. Investors want to be ahead of this and should focus on assets that offer inflation protection more than speculative growth in this economic environment."

Orion Metal Exchange offers a variety of self-directed individual retirement account programs that enable investors to own physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Tangible precious metal IRA accounts are easy to set up, cost-effective to maintain, and offer a way to own tangible precious metals in an IRS-compliant accredited retirement account.

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