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The agriculture industry has been ever-evolving. While tractors and equipment are far more sophisticated in the 21st century, one thing hasn’t changed at all: mechanical component failure can have major implications for a project or a crop. Since agriculture parts are large and complex, the industry demands machine tools that possess the capacity to deliver these heavy parts, as well as parts with large diameter-to-length ratios like axles and drive shafts.

Affinity’s diverse portfolio of CNC machined parts and assemblies are at work in the facilities of numerous agricultural equipment manufacturing plants. Companies that manufacture large farming equipment such as tractors, combines, harvesters, bailers, tanks, headers, and hoppers find our services incredibly useful for manufacturing products that harvest crops, cultivate soil, and more.

Parts for Manufacturing Agriculture Equipment

Combined with quality and service, our CNC machined parts have helped in fabricating parts and machinery for agricultural manufacturers both large and small, near and far. We are cognizant of the fact that machine run times in agricultural manufacturing facilities usually range from a few hours to over 100+ hours per week. Affinity’s machined parts are high precision, low maintenance, and boast a long lifetime.

Precision Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

By fabricating and assembling high-integrity parts with quality materials, Affinity is able to provide dependable, long-lasting components for a wide range of agriculture components for vehicles and farm equipment.

From land cultivation to harvesting and processing, Affinity provides precision-machined parts for the wide range of equipment needed. Our custom CNC machining operations offer our customers the capabilities of horizontal and vertical machining, and lathes, specialty spindle tooling, and internally integrated automated cells for the most precise, reliable design and production possible. Affinity’s expert engineers and hardworking staff are committed to providing long-term solutions for manufacturing agriculture equipment and a range of additional parts for the industry.

Parts We Produce for the Agriculture Industry

Tracked/two-wheel tractors and farm trucks

Balers and movers

Tillers, ploughs, and irrigation machinery

Combines and other harvesters

Fertilizing and pesticide spray machinery

Axle components

Automated produce sorting and processing equipment

Transfer case components

Livestock movers and crop transportation

Differential housings

Backhoes and other loading equipment​

Disc brakes

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