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The Perfect Fit

Help save time and hassle. We have years of experience of sub-assemblies and assemblies involving mechanical parts. From our machining centers to our assembly center to you. That way your parts are ready when you need them, without the need for another process. We can help save your time and keep your supply chain hassle-free.

Looking for a Supply Chain Partner to Fulfill Your Production Needs?

Organizations do well when they focus on their core competencies; thus it is rare for an OEM to produce 100% of its products in house. For mechanical assemblies, in addition to cost savings, there are several benefits to the outsourcing:

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: When we ship a completed assembly, there’s only one part number to deal with, improving efficiencies for your inventory personnel.

EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY: With advanced assembly technology changing rapidly, it’s difficult to keep pace for most organizations. At Affinity, you get the benefit of latest equipment, technology and innovation necessary to successfully build a mechanical assembly which may otherwise be cost-prohibitive for specialty applications or smaller production runs.

PRODUCTION LEAD TIME: For innovative companies, the speed at which your products get to market matters. Affinity has the infrastructure and talent to respond quickly, and has the processes in place to speed production. A domestic or near-shore supplier over an offshore vendor can also significantly reduce wait times and help you gain a competitive advantage.

FOCUS ON CORE-COMPETENCE: Outsourcing your assembly provides opportunities for you to invest more in your people and focus on core competencies.

What can Affinity do for you?

ALL UNDER ONE ROOF TURNKEY SOLUTION: We can undertake procurement of raw materials, machining of parts, heat treatments, finishing operations, and surface treatments all-in-one service.

ONGOING DESIGN TO MANUFACTURING SUPPORT: If there is any design issues we can fix it or that if one thing is machined slightly off we can modify the mating part to fit accordingly. You get the benefits of keeping all mating parts under one roof.

SHORTER LEAD TIME AND LOWER COSTS: With our turnkey solutions and design support, we are relentlessly focused on your project success, resulting in significantly shorter production lead time and overall cost optimization.

EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST: We take pride in the experience of sourcing of hard-to-find materials and maintaining inventory of hardware and other standard components. We have years of experience in production of sub-assemblies and assemblies involving mechanical, optical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other parts to provide a turnkey solution to our customers.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of outsourcing your assembly needs, reach out to us here at Affinity. We would love to talk more!

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