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Airverclean Pte Ltd

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Air Filtration - RY 2500B

Air Filtration - RY 2500B

Industrial grade Electrostatic Air Cleaners or Electrostatic Precipitators for collection of dry and wet particulates like dust, oil mist, cooking fumes and various pollutants. Typical application include commecial kitchen exhausts, air handling units (AHUs), factories, workshops, CNC machine shops and many other premises.


  • Short circuit, arc protection and auto restore power supply

  • BMS (Building Management System) terminals provided

  • Auto power cut-off when door is opened

  • Indicator LEDs for normal or wash indicator

  • Set of terminals for remote LED normal or wash indicator

  • Washable aluminum wire mesh pre-filter (1)

  • Washable aluminum wire mesh post filter (1) optional

  • UV ozone lamp odour control option

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