Airverclean Pte Ltd

Airverclean Pte Ltd

61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Singapore 417943

AboutAirverclean Pte Ltd

Airverclean Pte Ltd has been in the air filtration business since 1990, manufacturing, distributing, selling and installing a range of Air Cleaners. A leading manufacturer and distributor of Air Cleaners globally, we provide comprehensive service and maintenance for our clients to ensure value for their investment, and to keep their business running smoothly without disruptions.

A small proportion of Rydair Electrostatic Air Cleaners or Electrostatic Precipitators are assembled in Singapore, but the major manufacturing is done in China, employing state of the art machinery in the production process. With fully integrated manufacturing, near-completed units are shipped to Singapore for some final checks and quality control before they are dispatched to clients all over the world.

Our position in the forefront of air filtration systems in factory and commercial kitchen exhaust and pollution controls has allowed us to constantly refine our designs to suit changing environments and expectations. Changes are field tested for suitability before the models are launched in the market. Tight quality control is the core of our business as stringent checks are done to keep our customers all over the world satisfied.