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Critical Environment

Critical Environment

Critical Environment

Air Distribution Systems and Diffusers Made with Stainless Steel in the USA

High-consequence applications need high-level precision and care. AJ Manufacturing produces air distribution system and air filtration system components and diffusers using your exacting specifications so your critical environment can support your highly-controlled processes.

Whether it’s a laboratory, pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, operating room, or any other type of critical environment, AJ

Stainless Steel Fan Filter Units

Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Filter Units (FFUs) by AJ Manufacturing are fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffusers that remove airborne contaminants from the air they deliver into your critical environment design. Our Fan Filter Units come in louvered and two-chamber designs.

Our range of these diffusers come in a variety of sizes and configurations and use our proven HEPA filtration technology to deliver purified air or remove contaminated air, in the case of our reverse flow units. The air supply the Criti-Clean Ultra continually produces is a non-aspirating, low-velocity, uniformly-distributed, downward-moving “piston” of HEPA-filtered air. Link multiple units together to produce one large, combined laminar mass. Air circulating units are also available.

Optional built-in LED lights and UV-C radiation modules are available to limit airstream interference and assist in sterilizing particulates while disinfecting the HEPA filter to protect against viruses, bacteria, and mold. The needlepoint bipolar ionization module produces a stream of ions that create free radicals, which attach themselves to airborne pathogens and deactivate them by robbing them of hydrogen.

Ceiling-Mounted Fan Filter Units

Our ceiling-mounted FFUs offer the industry’s highest output of up to 120 CFM and make it easy to retrofit existing spaces, due to its low plenum height – just 13.7” on the air supply unit and 15.8” on the reverse-flow unit. Our FFUs connect to building ductwork with a ceiling grid system or on a plasterboard ceiling.

Mobile Fan Filter Units

For temporary and relocatable use wherever you need clean air, our convenient portable units move on swivel casters and plug into standard electrical wall outlets to provide effective HEPA filtration virtually anywhere. Our portable FFUs are available in air recirculating and reverse-flow models.


Our original fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser is suited to hospital operating rooms and other critical environments. Optional built-in LEDs eliminate the need for overhead light fixtures, to maximize the use of ceiling space and prevent airstream interference.

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