AJ Manufacturing Co. Inc

AJ Manufacturing Co. Inc

8701 Elmwood Ave #400, Kansas City, MO 64132, United States

AboutAJ Manufacturing Co. Inc

Makers of Stainless Steel HVAC Air Distribution Products

Founded in the mid-1920s, AJ Manufacturing has always been in the sheet metal product business. During and immediately after World War II, AJ Manufacturing was once the nation’s largest residential and light commercial manufacturer.

In 1974, AJ began specializing in the HVAC industry, particularly in the stainless steel production of custom commercial HVAC supply grilles, HVAC return grilles, registers, and diffusers. This specialization continues to today, as AJ Manufacturing remains a mainstay in the HVAC industry, with products featured in hospitals, laboratories, and commercial buildings.

AJ Manufacturing Today

When you visit the 70,000-square-foot AJ Manufacturing today in Kansas City, Missouri, you’ll find Bob Haake, who has been President of the company since 1960, and Rob Haake, treasurer. With a staff of about 50 employees and a facility full of sophisticated tech equipment, the Haake family and AJ Manufacturing strives to make your experience ordering custom HVAC components a pleasant one.

Today, AJ Manufacturing is the industry leader in custom and standard stainless steel air distribution products for critical environments. Our products are engineered to meet your project’s unique site characteristics and challenges.

How We Make Our HVAC Stainless Steel Air Distribution Products

Our tried-and-true fabrication methods enable us to meet your tough jobsite challenges and keep your project on schedule.

1. Order ProcessingOur team enters all your project information into our proprietary software system, which automatically creates 3D smart models and transmits the plans to the shop floor.

2. Laser CuttingOur automated software efficiently lays out parts on sheet metal to minimize waste and speed up production. Our fiber optic Amada lasers can cut 400 inches per minute.

3. CNC Press BrakesAfter cutting, stainless steel and aluminum parts are precisely bent into the correct shape using digital technology. Each product receives a barcode to tie to your order and ensure accuracy.

4. Robotic WelderOur computerized six-axis robotic welder permanently and precisely joins seams to produce air-tight products, with consistent results every time.

5. Roll FormsIndividual fins and blades for grills and dampers are cut to size.

6. Wash SystemEach part travels through a heated, alkalized wash cycle, with a heated deionized rinse and fresh water rinse to remove dirt and oils from the production process. After spending time in the drying oven, each part is polished or powdercoated with a “baked on” finish. An antimicrobial coating is available for critical environments.

7. Hand AssemblyOur trained production staff assemble each HVAC component by hand, striving to meet our stringent quality standards.

8. Leak TestingEach product is leak-tested in our custom-built HEPA unit leak test booth equipped with a photometer to ensure it meets IEST standards for critical environments.

9. Packing & ShippingOur team assembles a customized box for every order to protect your HVAC air distribution products. Pallet loads are stretch-wrapped for protection during shipping.

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