Ajax Metal Processing, Inc.

Ajax Metal Processing, Inc.

4651 Bellevue St, Detroit, MI 48207, United States

Locking and Sealing

Locking and Sealing

The AJAX Locking & Sealing Division utilizes high-speed application techniques for thread adhesives, sealants, and nylon thread patching demands. A fully authorized applicator of 3M™ and Loctite™ products, we also routinely apply a host of generic treatments for our customers specific automotive and various industrial engineered fastener requirements. These applications are typically used on products that are subjected to operating environments where vibration is an issue.

  • Nylon Thread Patch

  • 3M “Scotchgrip”™ Adhesives

  • Thread Sealants

  • Loctite “Dri-Loc”™ Adhesives

  • Loctite “Vibraseal”™ Sealants

  • Precote® USA Adhesives

  • High Speed Application Equipment for Rapid Turnaround Needs

  • Full Service Laboratory for

  • Performance Verification

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