Ajax Metal Processing, Inc.

Ajax Metal Processing, Inc.

4651 Bellevue St, Detroit, MI 48207, United States

wire processing

wire processing

The AJAX Wire Division offers both continuous and batch-style rod annealing at a capacity of up to 230 tons per day. Our highly specialized processes ensure a steady stream of prepared materials for manufacture to our customers. Consistent process control ensures product quality. Final surface preparation of annealed stock includes acid cleaning and the application of lime coating for optimum protection.

  • Continuous Furnaces

  • Spheroidize Annealing

  • Box Furnaces

  • Stress Relieve Annealing

  • L.P. Annealing

  • Acid Clean & Lime Coat

  • Coil Rod Diameters ¼ “ – 1 ¼”

  • Rapid Turnaround Capability

  • Multiple Furnaces for Maximum Flexibility

  • Ample On-Site Storage Capability

  • Computerized and Controlled Annealing Recipes

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