Algerian Qatari Steel

Algerian Qatari Steel

Bellara industrial zone, El-Milia, Jijel

Wire Rod

Wire Rod

High quality round section wire rod varying in diameter from 5.5 mm to 14 mm. The round and smooth wire rod is obtained by hot rolling in accordance with Algerian standard NA 8634 and according to international standards.

The areas of use of the wire rod produced in the BELLARA steel complex are as follows:

  • Drawn wire
  • Welded Mesh
  • Nail, tie wire, galvanized wire
  • Gabion
  • Barbed wire
  • Spring wire
  • Bolt-nut-screw
  • Paper clips
  • Pick-up wire
  • Welding wire

Wire rod

Production capacity of 500,000 tonnes / year


  • In crowns ligated in 4 points.
  • Weight between 1.4 and 2 tons depending on the quality.
  • Presence of an identification label indicating:
    • The steel grade
    • Wire diameter
    • The casting number
    • The rolling date

Better quality of finished products

The controlled rolling and cooling process gives the wire rod manufactured by AQS the following characteristics:

  • Mechanical and metallurgical properties in accordance with customer requirements, normative requirements and legal and regulatory requirements in force.
  • A good surface condition, free from any manufacturing defect and internal defect that could affect the wire drawing.
  • The practice of high speed and low cost wire drawing.

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