Algerian Qatari Steel

Algerian Qatari Steel

Bellara industrial zone, El-Milia, Jijel

AboutAlgerian Qatari Steel

The Algerian Qatari steel company has been created in December 2013. It is the outcome of a joint investment between Algeria and the Qatari counterpart. It has a social capital of 58,610,000,000 Algerian dinars. Qatar steel international (QSI), owned 49% of shares. Whereas, 46% is owned by sider industrial group and 05% by National investment funding FNI.

AQS exercises its activities within Bellara Industrial zone, it is based in EL-Milia Town (wilaya of JIJEL), which is situated 400 km far away from Algeries (the capital of Algeria ). Aqs steel complex is implemented along a surface of 216 hectares.

Regarding its production volume and its operations reliability as well as its cutting edge technology, Algerian Qatari steel occupied an important position within the steel industry whether locally or globally.

AQS also pays great attention to human resources as an engine of economic growth and social progress, in particular through the creation of a work environment that encourages creativity and innovation for the benefit of its 1,500 employees in various disciplines and qualifications.


Algerian Qatari Steel contributes to wealth creation and supports the national industrial network. In virtually , AQS will have the ability to respond to local market needs as well as exporting its products to overseas markets.AQS started producing and selling its steel products at the end of 2017.

The initial mill’s production capacity is 2 million tons, both in rebar and wire rod. The second phase of the investment efforts will be devoted to producing a variety of iron and steel products rang in order to reach 4 million tons, in total production capacity.

Complex Structure

Bellara Mill endowed a cutting edge technologies and has nine production units, which are environment friendly. The mill installation can guarantee a maximum production output, in concordance of world-class quality standard.

Principal Production Units :

  • U- DRI production unit : 2.5 million of production capacity per year.
  • – Two melting shop: 2,2 Million tons total capacity per year.
  • – Three Rolling mill’s: 2 million tons of a total production capacity per year for both rebar and wire rod.

Secondary Installations

  • Industrial Gaz mill.
  • Lime production unit.
  • Station Reception and transport of Raw Materials.
  • Water treatment Mill.
  • Electrical station.