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Polypropylene Lined Steel Pipes And Fittings

Polypropylene Lined Steel Pipes And Fittings

Our Ejectors deliver chemicals more safely and with greater precision and reliability than traditional delivery methods. There is no moving parts, ejector system is also a safe system because the injected material is not under pressure. If the water flow stops, injection stops instantly. Simple to use and self-priming, Our ejectors are able to run dry with no problems and because they are made with special lined material & they last longer.

The system uses differential pressure between inlet and outlet ports to create a vacuum, which draws chemicals through the suction port. Internal mixing vanes help ensure even distribution and installations do not require a pump or motor.

Pipe & Fitting Specifications : Pipe materials for pipe spools shall conform to one of the material specifications described below in accordance with the customer's piping specifications :

  • Mild Steel Pipes as per IS 1239 Medium/ Heavy duty upto 150 NB & above 150 NB as per IS 3589, 5.00 MM Thick KS D3507 SPP or D3562 SPPS, ERW pipe.

  • Carbon steel pipe, ASTM 53 Gr.B or ASTM A106 Gr.B ERW and seamless pipe, size from 1 to 16.

Other required pipe materials such as API pipe, stainless steel or alloy steel pipes would be available to meet service conditions and should be referred to us.

Flange Specifications : Flanges confirming to ANSI / BS10 / DIN or any other international standard will be supplied in Mild steel, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel. Standard flanges are Slip-on type and Lap-joint type flanges and will be provided if requested at the time of making an offer.

PP Liner Specifications : The polymer resin shall meet the STM Standard Specifications and our standard PP liners are unpigmented and natural white color. The colored liners are available if specially requested.

Fitting Availability : Standard fittings include 90°C Elbow, 45°C Elbow, Reducing 90°C Elbow, Equal Tees, Reducing Tees, Instrument Tees, Concentric Reducers, Eccentric Reducers, Laterals and Cross for 1" (25mm NB) through 8"(200 mm NB) diameter.

Non - standard fittings such as double and triple branch tees, other special shapes are available per the customer's requirements.

Testing and Inspection :

• All lined pipe and fittings are subjected to 10-15 KV ( SPARK TESTING) non-destructive electrostatic test which is carried out to detect any defects in the liner such as pin holes, porosity, cracks, etc. • According to the customer's request, hydrostatic testing will be carried out at room temperature using clean water. • All lined pipe and fittings are subjected to the visual inspection to detect any defects such as liner surface cracks, deformation, outside paint coating, etc.


Storage and Handling Requirements : • PP lined fittings shall be stored in a shaded area on wooden supports. • Wooden or plastic end protectors are used to protect the PP lined sealing faces of flanged fittings. End protectors should stay in place until immediately prior to installation. • Flange sealing surfaces shall be protected carefully and free from defects to eliminate any leakages when the lined pipe and fittings are assembled at site • Avoid dropping or impacting lined pipe and fittings with heavy objects or storing near high traffic areas.

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