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Angelo Romani Spa

Strada Statale Sempione, 249, 20016 Pero MI, Italy

cold rolling mills

cold rolling mills


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COIL PROCESSING LINES are areas where cutting edges are extremely critical.

In those high productive continuous processes bad quality of knives cutting edge can cause extra down times, it can declass the coil, or rejection further down stream.

According to each application, Romani can offer the most suitable steel grade with the best compromise between wear resistance and toughness, always aiming to increase the number of cuts or tons processed, preserving the cutting edge from the risk of ruptures.

Parameters to be considered to choose the best suitable knife material are:

Type of shear and conditions

Thickness range to cut

Tensile Strength of the material to cut

Cutting Speed

ProductsWelding Shear KnivesNotching Shear KnivesCut to Length Shear KnivesRotary Side Trimming Shear KnivesScrap Chopping Shear KnivesFlying Shear KnivesRotary Drum Shear Knives

AccessoriesShear knife seats/holdersShear knife calibrated shims

ServicesSimple Regrinding of shear knivesRegrinding of shear knives with calibrating and set up of knives in the holding cassette



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