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Applied Conveyor Technology Inc DBA The ACT Group

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ACT Flash Cannons are blast aerators consisting of a compressed air reservoir with a quick opening valve that releases the stored air in a sudden, high-energy blast. This blast is directed through a discharge pipe to aerate and dislodge material, and restore flow.

In a direct blast Air Cannon, the air in the reservoir or tank passes directly into the discharge pipe without bends or obstructions in the air course that impede the flow of air. This is important because the quicker the air discharges, the greater the velocity and force of the blast and, therefore, the greater the amount of material affected.

When used in combination, multiple Air Cannons can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or millions of cubic feet of material. Air Cannons are activated manually or by a micro-controller based sequencing timer that controls the firing time interval and sequence of one or more Air Cannons.


Designed for High Temperature Environments - Special materials used to provide reliable, long term performance in hot environments. Can withstand temperatures encountered when used on kilns operating in excess of 2,000°F (1,100°C). Tolerates ambient temperatures up to 400°F (200°C).

Produces Results Quickly and Efficiently - Quick blast of air permeates the material and dislodges trapped solids.

Handles Big Loads - Air blast spreads out in a cone pattern to aerate and loosen a large volume of material at one time. When used in combination, multiple Air Cannons can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or millions of cubic feet of material.

Quiet Operation - Noise of air blast is dampened by the material being aerated.

Energy Efficient - Air Cannons have low air consumption since they collect air and are fired intermittently. They require only a small fraction of the air used to operate pneumatic vibrators.

Minimal Maintenance - Single moving part, no springs, no motors, no bearings, make Air Cannons easy to maintain for many years. No lubrication is required. Special synergistic coating on piston is self-lubricating.

More Powerful Air Blast - Lightweight piston, short piston travel, direct blast design, and aerodynamically designed exhaust windows allow the tank to be emptied more quickly creating a stronger, more productive blast.

Quick Exhaust Valve Standard – The Flash Cannon’s unique quick exhaust valve is permanently mounted. This patent pending valve was designed specifically for use with the Flash Air Cannon. It quickly evacuates air from the Air Cannon valve, guaranteeing a full, powerful blast even when the solenoid or 3-way valve is up to 100' from the Air Cannon. The quick exhaust valve also insures closure of the Air Cannon valve immediately after the blast. This prevents contamination from entering valve or tank.

No Leakage - Piston designed to prevent air loss during blast. Special coated piston incorporates a seal that prevents air seepage between the piston and valve seat. Air loss can be a problem in blasters using a metal-to-metal seal.

Fills Faster - Standard quick fill port allows tank to fill in less than 60 seconds. This makes rapid repeat firing possible when needed.

Longevity - Coated aluminum piston is self-lubricating. Coated valve parts resist acid and basic environments. Carbon steel tank with corrosion and heat resistant paint. Piston movement engineered to prevent excessive wear and high impact.

Ease of Service - All parts individually replaceable. If a part becomes worn or damaged, it is not necessary to replace the entire valve assembly.

ASME Certified Pressure Vessels - All details of design, materials, construction, and workmanship of each vessel conforms to the ASME Code for Pressure Vessels, Section VIII, Division 1. Documentation available for each Air Blaster upon request.

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