Charter Steel

Charter Steel

1658 Cold Springs Rd, Saukville, WI 53080, United States

Coil Processing

Coil Processing

Charter Steel's state-of-the-art coil processing plants clean, coat, anneal and draw steel to a customer's specifications. Charter Steel can provide on-time deliveries of fresh processed product from our fully integrated mill.

Before being processed, the steel rod is cleaned and coated. Charter Steel utilizes either sulfuric or hydrochloric acid cleaning and has mechanical descaling (shotblasting) capability.

Charter Steel offers several coatings for its processed products, including:

  • Lime coating

  • Reactive lube

  • Zinc Phosphate

  • Polymer coatings

  • Combination coatings

Charter Steel utilizes box-type, short-time-cycle (STC) and continuous annealing furnaces. The temperature within each furnace is continuously monitored and controlled to produce the exact steel properties specified by our customers. Nitrogen and endothermic gas annealing atmospheres are available.

Charter Steel offers several annealing cycles, including:

  • Spheroidization anneals for improved formability

  • "Regular" and "stress relief" anneals that soften the material without altering the microstructure

  • Lamellar pearlite (LP) anneals for improved machineability

Coiled Bar, Rod and Wire Products

Charter Steel can process all carbon and alloy grades.

Charter Steel produces a variety of wire in sizes ranging from 0.140" (3.5mm) to 1.439" (36.5mm). The maximum finish size depends on the start size and processes involved.

Charter Steel's wire-drawing operation is capable of producing:

  • Excellent dimensional tolerances with minimum tensile strength (SAFS wire)

  • Cold-forming product with minimal tensile strength (SAIP wire)

  • Wire with carefully targeted tensile strength (DFSAR wire)

  • Eddy Current inspected wire

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