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Charter Steel

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SBQ Bars

SBQ Bars

Produced at the Cleveland melt shop, our billets are 7x7 inch (180 x 180mm) square to create SBQ Bars quality steel.

Maintaining the steel's surface quality and microstructural integrity is the primary focus of the rolling process. Charter Steel's walking-beam furnace heats the billets rapidly and uniformly to prevent deformities. After leaving the walking-bean furnace the billets will pass through a four-sided high-pressure water descaler and then into the sizing equipment, across a 90 meter cooling bed before being cut to desired length via either shear or saw cut processes.

Precisely controlled pass designs in our Kocks finishing mills allow Charter Steel to roll tight tolerance bar.

Charter Steel's rolling mill produces round, hot-rolled SBQ bars in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 3-1/4" (19.1 to 82.6 mm) and bar lengths from 12 to 50 feet (3.7 to 15.3m). Quality control inspectors check dimensional characteristics and inspect the surface for any discontinuities or deformities. Additional tests may include:

  • Upset Test

  • Tensile strength

  • Reduction of area

  • Rockwell hardness

  • Microstructural evaluation

Inspectors use a spectroanalyzer to conduct a final check of the steel's chemistry just before shipping to ensure customers get exactly what they ordered.


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