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Component Verifier

Component Verifier

Component Verifier


The CTI Component Verification machine’s function is Inspection of critical components on an assembly.

It was developed to check part numbers on high lead count QFP’s prior to reflow to catch parts that were loaded incorrectly into the pick and place machine by an operator.

Once in production, it was evolved to do much more. It uses PCB fiducials to get an accuracy fix on its targets, then it is ready to inspect for missing parts, check for correct part numbers on components, check bar code label, check for components skew, and inspect for correct parts in given locations.

Programing is point and click. Simply insert a known good product, jog the camera over the area of interest and press teach. Programing can also be done off-line from DXF or script.

Precision movements are accomplished using servo drives and precision THK ball screws.

The front of the machine has front opening door and a sliding top to allow the operator full access to the work area.


  • Conveyor with stops and edger’s for positioning product
  • Light tower with alarm
  • Interface to send results to customer’s database
  • Three Axis closed loop servo gantry control (X/Y/Z)
  • Component inspection camera also reads fiducial and barcode labels
  • Easy teach programming
  • Steel welded frame


  • Reject Conveyor for touch up / Inspection.

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