CTI Systems

CTI Systems

751 Church St, Goldston, NC 27252, United States

AboutCTI Systems

Founded in 1989, CTI Systems has been providing reliable and innovative equipment for nearly 30 years.

At CTI, our goal has and always will be to produce the highest quality equipment at the best value. Located in the Lee County Industrial Park, CTI Systems is a four-fold operation in the manufacturing, sales, installation, and service of automated conveyor systems. CTI equipment is used to handle circuit boards throughout the assembly process. The customer base expands across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

Since our beginning, CTI’s charter has been “customer satisfaction, whatever it takes.” Our organization is committed to this philosophy from top to bottom. This philosophy of customer-driven quality resulted in exponential growth in the late 1990’s. Until the early 2000s, CTI’s primary product line consisted of SMT conveyors and custom assembly equipment. At this time, CTI began to reinvent itself as an equipment supplier to the electronics assembly market.

Initially, the primary focus was automation for the electronics industry. Over time, we began manufacturing pallet-handling systems for the electromechanical side of the electronics business. These events lead to the creation of CTI Systems, a division of Conveyor Technologies. CTI Systems is a manufacturer of conveyor systems for non-electronic manufacturers and custom automation for a variety of applications ranging from custom work cells to custom assembly lines.

Our printed circuit board (PCB) Depaneling division began in 2001, and our original machines are still in operation at high volume automotive manufacturing facilities. By today’s standards, our original designs were low tech. In 2009 our PCB router product line was completely retooled. With our current generation PCB routers, machine vision is standard, appearance and footprints have been optimized, and machine programming is very simple using our windows based software. In 2010 we introduced our first fully automated in-line PCB router. In the past, auto changeover was a goal, but, with the CTI AR2020, auto changeover is a reality.


CTI Systems contributes its impressive customer base to its employees who produce a top quality product while meeting aggressive shipping dates. The “Whatever-It-Takes” attitude is reflected throughout the organization, beginning with top management and extending down to its professional staff of employees. Each department is an extension of the others, and every employee works as a team member to meet production deadlines.

Today, CTI brands represent the most diverse and respected family of products in the electronics assembly industries across the world. Backed by unmatched support and a global sales network, CTI products deliver superior quality and long-term value, and meets our customers high quality expectations and contributes to their global competitiveness.

Customers ask us how long they can expect our CTI equipment to last? It always puts a smile on our face to say, “We don’t know yet.” The machines we built in 1989 are still running strong today.

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