Company : DeeTee Industries Ltd

Category : Rolling

Arbours / Shafts

Arbours / Shafts are the machine members, cylindrical in cross-section, and support the revolving parts of a machine, such as pulley, gear, fly-wheel, etc. The steel shaft not only supports a revolving part but also transmits torque and as a result, the shaft is subjected to bending as well as torsional stresses.

After hardening, DeeTee’s Arbours / Shafts are accurately ground and sometimes chrome plated as per requirement. These Arbours / Shafts have excellent geometrical accuracy and surface quality guarantee optimum running characteristics.

DeeTee manufactures Arbours / Shafts for tube mill, section mills, special purpose textile machine, packaging machinery, printing machine, gear boxes and various applications. While, the most common raw material for Arbours / Shafts is EN-24, EN-19 & sometimes En-31. These Arbours / Shafts are induction hardened to keep the skin hard & the core remains soft to absorb bending & torsion loads.

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