Company : DeeTee Industries Ltd

Category : Rolling

Slitting Line Tooling

DeeTee offers a complete range of Slitting Line Tooling confirming to international standards. The Slitting Line Tooling includes rotary metal slitting knives, metal spacers, rubberized spacers, over arm separator discs and other precision tools.

Heat treated in salt bath furnaces, DeeTee’s Slitting Line Tooling has the highest degree of hardness uniformity and the ideal metallurgical properties to slit any metal. With an option of lapping DeeTee manufactures Slitting Line Tooling in Standard and Extra Precision tolerance grades. DeeTee can manufacture Slitting Line Tooling up to 500mm diameter. The  Slitting Line Tooling comprises of


  • Slitting knives & slitting cutters
  • Spacers
  • Rubberized spacers
  • Shims
  • Strip rings
  • Spacers & separator disc for over arm separators


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