Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing

Fortis Mining Engineering & Manufacturing

7300 Rapistan, Mississauga, ON L5N 5Z4, Canada

Mining & Industrial Construction

Mining & Industrial Construction

We offer a wide range of services to the mining and construction industries; from exploration drilling, mine development, steel erection, piling, and concrete work to decommissioning. We perform site assessments and create safe work procedures to complete jobs, whether through a custom procedure, the design of a new piece of equipment or a combination of both. Fortis has access to the necessary engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities to complete this work in-house. We have the versatility to mobilize a single crew for multiple facets of work. Our employees are highly skilled in a broad variety of mining and construction activities. This allows us to select the workers with the right skill set for the job. Our presence in the entire mining and construction cycle allows us to assist our clients to achieve a higher return on their investments with:

Shaft development

Ground control

Mine development & operations

Mine decommissioning

Underground construction

Industrial construction

Shaft liner repair

Incident remediation

Electrical cable decommissioning

Procedure development

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