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The ADS V3 is an automated deployment system for planting NRU 1C™ nodes “true vertical” into the ground, that are consistently well coupled and guided by high precision GPS navigation. The ADS V3 allows the deployment of 160 nodes (before reloading) with no touch required from an operator. The system is computer controlled with diesel hydraulic power, electronic actuators, allowing a single operator to drive and control the deployment of NRUs at pre-programmed receiver locations, with Bluetooth enabled QC of the node performance and the quality of the NRU plant.

Product Features

  • Total cycle time
    • Capable of working in terrains with up to 15% grade, providing true vertical plants

    • Designed for tow by any available prime mover (tractor/UTV/truck etc.)

    • Solutions the soil for node insertion



    Hydraulic Power

    • Hatz air-cooled Diesel Engine (13.7hp @3000rpm)

    • Load-sensing, pressure compensated axial piston pump, high-pressure filter, proportional control DCV, control manifold, 11.5gal reservoir (approx. 13.5 hours runtime between fueling)

    Frame Dimension

    130” long x 80” wide x 82” high


    2500-2750 lbs.

    Power of Punch

    62.5 ft-lbs per hammer blow (2550 BPM) with integrated rotation capability


    System cycle

    Battery Life

    Engine driven alternator producing 14V and approximately 16A @3000RPM (engine speed)

    Fully integrated solution

    • No external power/interface needed to function

    • Towable by any capable utility vehicle


    Intuitive, easy to use controls

    Ground Pressure

    • 0” compaction: 3.895psi

    • ¼” compaction: 3.283psi

    • ½” compaction: 3.012psi

    • ¾” compaction: 2.806psi

    • 1” compaction: 2.394psi

    • Also compatible with typical high flotation tires

    Node Angle

    Full range of freedom from true vertical to 15° off axis in 360° orientation


    • High-strength, low-alloy powder coated tubular frame

    • Spill containment for HPU, fuel reservoir, hydraulic reservoir

    • Ruggedized components with touch-screen operator controls


    Capacity for 160+ nodes between reloading


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