geophysical technology inc.

geophysical technology inc.

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AboutGeophysical technology inc.

GTI is comprised of a management team, board members, technical advisory board members, and shareholders who have extensive experience in the geophysical contracting industry and extensive relationship capital in the global oil & gas and oil field service industries. GTI’s management personnel have worked in operating, technical support, technical development, and general administrative support positions for leading geophysical service providers across the globe. GTI management has a deep understanding of what seismic contractors and their clients desire in terms of project operating performance, customer service, technical standard, and commercial arrangements.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to design, manufacture, sell, and support differentiated geophysical technology that enhances the operating efficiency, cost effectiveness, and technical capability for illuminating and monitoring the earth’s subsurface, thus improving the process of hydrocarbon or other resource extraction, or of substance sequestration.

Leadership & Excellence

We highly value thought leadership and excellence in operating acumen in the applied geophysical technology space. Improving seismic data acquisition methodologies and efficiency is our first frontier.  Nodal land seismic recording instrumentation NuSeis™ is our first product development area. GTI is committed to delivering ever improving next generation technology wrapped in a comprehensive and highly effective NuSeis™ Ecosystem that enables operators to deliver unprecedented efficiency, safety, and quality in seismic project execution.



Core Values

The guiding attributes that shape our technology design and corporate strategies behind our NuSeis™ next generation seismic data acquisition systems include:

  • Safety – minimal human risk profile

  • Environment – minimal operational disturbance to the earth

  • Decreased Risk – simple, fast, robust and rapid execution to decrease project risk

  • Low cost – enables 30,000 to 100,000’s+ channels per field crew

  • Lightweight units – decrease logistical effort and cost

  • Low power consumption – decreases maintenance of the deployed spread

  • High bandwidth response – improves fidelity of the recorded signal

  • Unprecedented Earth Coupling – High signal, lower noise, trace to trace consistency

  • Ergonomic – “one touch” batch data transcription & power recharge

  • Automation – ‘no touch” deployment via NuSeis™ ADS

  • Quality Control – near real time to the extent possible and practical

  • Fast Data Transfer – timely transfer data to processing professionals