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WaferBall Compact Ball Valves

WaferBall Compact Ball Valves

Product Brief

The Kerotest WaferBall is a thin, uni-body ball valve design used for the direct shutoff of flow just like any ball valve. The difference and advantage here is the compact design and light weight. When used in conjunction with other valves it allows for a safer shutoff by creating a double block. It can also be used with a double block and bleed valve when an extremely safe shutoff is required in a limited space.


ANSI Class 150 flanged bolt pattern

ISO 5211 Actuator mounting pad

Uni-body design with wafer-type flanged ends for fast installation

In-line maintenance and re-building

Solid ball construction provides structural integrity and minimizes flow turbulence

Tested to DIN 3230-3 (strength and leakage test) and API 598

OptionsA: Anti-static deviceM: Tapped mounting padV: Vented ball

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