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BBC Series Com-paK Models: BB52C | BB69C | BB89CPerformance data to ISO 1217, Part 1, Annex C. Package dimensions and weight without control CabinetAvailable as an Integrated Package: ask about Industrial Blower Packages with Integrated Controls | Sigma Control 2 is available on integrated packages.

Features and Options: compact, Omega Tri-Lobe Blower Profile, quiet operation, low pulsations low operating costs, simple maintenance and easy access, easy fluid checks, automatic belt tensioning, effective cooling, can also be designed for outdoor installation.

ISO 1217 / EMC Certified - EMC directive EN 55011 for Class A1

Tested to the BL 300 CAGI certified performance

Omega Frequency Control (OFC) frequency converter

Sigma Control 2 is available on integrated packages

Pressures up to 15 psig

Vacuum down to 15"Hg

Model No.: BB652C

Maximum operating pressure (psig): 15psig

Maximum air delivery at 4.4 psig (icfm): 170cfm

Maximum vacuum ("Hg) (vac): 15"

Maximum vacuum intake at 6"Hg (vac) (icfm): 170cfm

Maximum rated motor power: 20hp

Pipe connection: 2"

Dimensions w/sound enclosure: 25.5"(w) x 20.8"(D) x 36.8"(H)

Weight: 600 lbs

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