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CNC Turning Services For Rapid Prototyping And Mass Production

Macfab’s highly advanced machine shop, equipped with 3, 4, and 5-axis lathe machines is an excellent source for your complex part manufacturing projects. We offer custom CNC turning services to metal fabricators and part suppliers for specialized prototype manufacturing as well as mass production CNC machining across the globe.

Our machine shop with 2 AXIS, C AXIS, Y AXIS and SWISS STYLE UP TO 9 AXIS manual and CNC lathe machines can handle projects of any size and complexity. Our CNC turning centers produce top-quality parts using 3D CAD files, DXF files, flat pattern drawings, and CAD neutral files.

Our machinists set up programmable logic and NC codes for controls by keeping your end goals of precision in mind. Through our partnership, you get high-quality physical prototypes by transforming your design concepts using our advanced CNC lathe turning centers.

What Do You Mean By CNC Turning?

Turning is a subtractive manufacturing process that produces cylindrical parts with symmetry about an axis passing through the center along the part length. Lathe machines, given their versatility and multi-axis degrees of freedom for spindle movement, can also produce asymmetrical parts with accessories.

During the turning operation, the workpiece [or the job] is held using a 3-jaw or a 4-jaw chuck and rotated at the speed of 4000-8000 RPMs. The cutting tool is held steady and slowly brought in contact with the rotating workpiece. This removes small spiral chips from the job which is essentially a solid metal part. The job is adjusted as and when needed to achieve the desired geometry.

Macfab’s CNC Turning Capabilities

At Macfab, we offer CNC turning services for various grades of aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, zinc, and other carbon fibers. We primarily engage with biomedical research industries, aerospace, research, and defense, and environment industries needing high-precision manufacturing. We offer tolerances up to 0.0001 inches or 1/4th of a human hair’s diameter.

Our turning centers can handle jobs of diameters between 1 inch to 18 inches and lengths between 9 inches and 48 inches. We undertake mass production turning jobs with diameters as small as 0.47 inches, up to length of 8 inches and tolerance range in 20 µm.

Our machinists are trained to focus on accurate coordination between spindle, turrets, and chuck with fixed workpieces to deliver the highest machining quality. CNC programmable lathes, Swiss-turn style lathes, 8 axis dual turret lathes with variable velocities, precision gang tool lathe are among the range of equipment in our large facility. Using these machine tools, we offer machining for parts with a range of desired surface finishes.

Benefits Of CNC Turning Services

High-Quality And Precision Machining

As CNC turning operations are performed using CAD/CAM APIs; parts are produced exactly as designed. Ideally, the designer includes manufacturability considerations as per DFM guidelines. This ensures overall quality including dimensions and design can be maintained.

Part Interchangeability & Symmetry

CNC turned parts are symmetric and produced as per ISO standards. This means the manufacturer can interchange parts, replace, or reproduce the worn-out parts.

Variety of Operations

Metal fabrication projects may get change requests once the operations have begun. With the right machine tools, accessories, and the Macfab team, even the most complex operational challenges can be conquered with ease.

Faster Turnaround Times

Setting up CNC machines, operating them, and tool changing are less time-consuming and more accurate as compared to manual lathes. This saves a significant amount of time during manufacturing cycles, avoids errors, and reworks, and performs non-stop operations. It helps you keep project costs under control and get to the market faster.

Operational Safety

A CNC machines operator operates the machine through a computer setup located at a safe distance from the tools. It reduces the chances of accidents which was one of the major drawbacks of manual lathes.

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