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Multi-Purpose Fertilizer Bins

Multi-Purpose Fertilizer Bins

Multi-Purpose Fertilizer Bins

Meridian Multi-Purpose Bins are built with industrial gauge steel and are the premium choice for Seed, Grain and Fertilizer storage, as well as coal and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity.  Meridian offers a variety of powder chemistry options including zinc and epoxies to ensure years of trouble-free storage.  Our clients demand an effective integration of storage and handling equipment with custom designed configurations for loading and discharging dry flowable products.  Contact the Meridian sales team for questions regarding our Meridian Multi-Purpose Bins, powder coating options and custom build requirements.


1.HSS (hollow structural steel) legs and bracing

2.Complete sidewall and retractable ladder

3.25” opening /w 27” Lid – spring loaded and ground operated

4.Powder coated interior and exterior

5.Stainless steel slide plate

6.Min. 40-degree bottom cone and 35-degree roof cone

7.24" clearance under the slide gate

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3. Feed

4. Seed

5. Dry granular commodities

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