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SeedMax® Hopper Bins

SeedMax® Hopper Bins

SeedMax® Hopper Bins

Meridian’s SeedMax® is a package of our Smooth Wall Bins designed specifically with optimal clearance to store any type of dry flowable seed product.  SeedMax® sizes range from 500 to 6,400 bushels.  Bulk seed sites are determined and advised by Meridian’s trained dealers and offered in a variety of size configurations to accommodate your needs.  Meridian SeedMax® Bins are designed to provide the safest and most cost-effective seed storage solution, while ensuring integrity and contaminate free when handling seed.

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1. Internal Seed Ladder

2. Cone manway

3. Access ladder

4.25” opening /w 27” Lid – spring loaded and ground operated

5. Roof manhole

6. Three view glasses

7. Adjustable band clamp Rack and Pinion slide gate

8.36″ Clearance

9. Welded seam construction

10. Powder coated exterior

11. Probe hole for seed sampling

12.40° and 45° cone bottoms

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1. Dry flowable seed product

2. Dump Hopper and Quick-Weigh Hopper bins used with seed sites and Underbin conveyors

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