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CartCaddyLite Electric Cart Puller

CartCaddyLite  Electric Cart Puller

The CDC has identified the healthcare industry as one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. With an increase of workers in this industry, there has also been an increase in injuries. Back injuries are some of the most common forms of workplace injuries that occur at healthcare sites, which can be felt by both nurses and maintenance workers alike. second fastest growing sector of the economy. The increase of workers to this industry has also brought about an increase in workplace injuries. Avoiding back strain is a goal for many workers, and the CartCaddyLite Electric Cart Puller can help achieve that goal.

The linen carts that are used to bring linens to patient rooms are often very large and not easy to move through the constricted hallways of a nursing home or a hospital. With frequent visits to rooms, pushing the cart is often an agonizing duty for the worker involved. Many trips pushing a heavy cart can result in muscle strain in the neck and back. Having a linen cart puller can reduce the weight that is carries, as well as help with maneuvering through bustled hallways. Making the job much easier and less strenuous will cut down on workplace injuries.

Employees work with a cart puller use their time much more efficiently. They are also less likely to suffer from a back injury from pushing a heavy-loaded linen cart. The CartCaddyLife Electric Cart Pusher boasts a very tight turning radius. This make is a versatile piece of equipment that can be easily move in cramped and crowded facilities.

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