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NEMA Wireways

NEMA Wireways

Milbank’s NEMA wireways are designed to lay in electrical wires both horizontally and vertically. Our NEMA 1 wireways have universal connections and ends that are compatible with most manufacturers’ products. As with other NEMA products, Milbank’s NEMA 1 wireways are designed for indoor use while our NEMA 3R wireways are also designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Below is a brief overview of the NEMA wireways that Milbank offers:

GSC1 Lay-In Wireway

A rendering of a screw cover wireway with the left showing the wireway with no cover and the right showing the cover in place.


Designed to allow long uninterrupted runs of electrical wiring in applications where moisture and dust are not a problem.


All straight sections and fittings are open on one side so wires can be laid into the wireway.

Wireway and cover are manufactured from code gauge steel.

Available with or without knockouts.

Covers incorporate teardrop slots for easy installation and are attached with plated steel screws.

Wide range of fittings allows for change of direction, junctions, terminations as well as transition from competitors’ products.

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