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Modular Container Systems

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As a manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the fabrication of custom racks, our well-designed products provide an efficient and effective means of storing, protecting, and shipping a diverse range of components for the automotive industry. Engineered to transport goods ranging from heavy duty engine components to sensitive electronics, our material handling solutions are field-proven to enhance the productivity of various operations at every level of the supply chain.

Built from structural and stainless steel plate and tubing to within tight 1/16″ tolerances, each rack and packaging solution is designed to safely and securely transport components while protecting them from damage and handling errors. From robust, difficult to handle parts such as engines, transmissions, axles, and radiators, to fragile mirrors and sculpted components with Class A surfaces, our expertise has helped automakers streamline their vital manufacturing and assembly operations. We have created built-in features such as gas-assisted retractable shelving, pull-out shelving, stacking and nesting racks as well as those with cantilevered arms.

Our racks and packaging products are quality tested to ensure they meet the rigors of long-term daily use and meet the customer’s capacity requirements and desired efficiency standards. To learn more about our material handling solutions for automotive applications


Product Description

Custom shipping and storage racks for a multitude of automotive parts. Anything from sensitive parts or class A surfaces such as bumpers, fenders, mirrors, instrument panels and the like to robust, difficult to handle parts such as engines, transmissions, axles and radiators. As a manufacturer with 30 years’ experience in the fabrication of custom racks, we fabricate to allow for efficient and effective methods of storing, protecting and shipping to include solutions for returnable packaging. Our racks are built specifically to satisfy customer requirements, enhance manufacturing processes, improve warehouse efficiency and reduce shipping costs. Our products commonly prove cost effective by reducing damage in handling and eliminating costs associated with disposable packaging.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Wire straightening and cutting
  • Wire forming and bending
  • Wire mesh fabrication per ASTM A185
  • Hydraulic press bending and stamping
  • Steel shearing and punching
  • Mig or Arc welding per AWS D1.1 standards
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management Systems
  • Rack washing, painting & stenciling
  • Rack finishing to include foam, urethane, bag and caster install

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