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Morton Industries LLC

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Tube Fabrication

Tube Fabrication

Tube Fabrication

One of our specialties at Morton Industries is to manufacture high-quality tubes that fit the specifications of our customers. Our tube fabrication experts carry out a range of services to fit custom needs from start to finish. Read through our range of tube fabrication services to see how we could benefit your manufacturing business, and contact us with questions or to discuss your specific needs in tubular products.

Tube Service Centers

Our company provides expert services to tube service centers with a fast turnaround that exceeds customer expectations. We provide specialized services that include kitting and assembly, along with heat lot traceability. Our extensive services include cutting, bending, welding, cleaning, painting, and assembly.

Design for Manufacturing

At Morton Industries, we do more than provide quality products and services. We are also integral within the design process, and our customers can rely on us to guide them every step of the way. We are able to train your design engineers in tube design and manufacturing, and we work with customers to improve designs and cut costs. Our collaborative process with customers includes design reviews that ensure you receive the best product in the most efficient way. In addition, we follow the Tube Center of Excellence best practices in tube design and manufacturing.

Material Sourcing

At Morton Industries, we know that material sourcing is essential to manufacturing quality products in a cost-effective way. We focus on this aspect of the business by maintaining quality partnerships with the right material suppliers. We utilize mill direct sourcing and service center sourcing to ensure the best material supply. In addition, we are always willing to negotiate terms and conditions to ensure the materials fit the needs of each project.

Quality Systems

We have a strong quality system in place to ensure that we continuously deliver quality products. Our quality system focuses on the entire process from the original quote to the shipment of the product. Our system includes:

  • APQP per AIAG Standards
  • PPAP per AIAG Standards
  • An On-site Inspection Lab
  • Vision Systems
  • CMM Inspection Arms
  • Use of Hard Gages
  • Use of 8D Problem Solving Methodology

We strive to prevent and solve issues as they come up. At the same time, we provide a quick, understanding response to customer questions or concerns.

Technical Support

Our company provides extensive technical support to collaborate with your company and guide your employees. We offer engineering design support to streamline materials, labor, and logistics. We also provide CAD design support and process validation. Your company can rely on our expertise and continued support to ensure you get the results you need.

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