Morton Industries LLC

Morton Industries LLC

70 Commerce Dr, Morton, IL 61550, United States

AboutMorton Industries LLC


Morton Industries puts client satisfaction and flexible collaboration at the forefront of every transaction, seeking new ways to enhance efficiency and exceed expectations at every step along the way. By using state-of-the-art technology and finding creative solutions for complex fabrication requirements, the company continually demonstrates an ability to solve potential problems and make even complex jobs seem easy.

Manufacturing efficiency is always the goal, resulting in cost-effective production for even relatively limited volume. The company prides itself on a record of quality prototypes and quick project turnaround.

We attempt to minimize tooling costs in an effort to serve our customers effectively, and we are happy to add kitting components whenever possible to add economy to the complete package.

Tier 1 Suppliers

At Morton Industries, we act as a strategic partner for small to large Tier 1 suppliers and to OEMs. We have the expertise to cater to your specific business, and we understand OEM expectations to help make you successful.


Since its founding in 1946, Morton Industries has occupied a unique position in its field. For 70 years, the company, which specializes in tubular fabrications and sheet metal components, has been in the forefront of technology and the design of solutions that work, producing complex products that are cutting edge and cost effective as well as simpler designs for a wide range of individual clients.

It is this ability to meet diverse needs, as well as an unwavering corporate philosophy of service, that sets the company apart from any competition. Morton Industries develops solutions, supplying products to the world's largest OEMs as well as to America's best small manufacturing companies.

With an innovative production system certified in ISO 9001:2008, we not only are a leading supplier, but we have the in-house ability to provide testing and data measurement and to manufacture tooling, value-added services that focus on helping our customers optimize their supply chain.

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