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Custom Made Copper & Aluminum Gaskets

When you need gaskets for a special project, turn to Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. We specialize in manufacturing custom-made parts for a wide variety of industries. We’ll create the perfect gasket for you, every time.

Types of Gaskets...




Stainless Steel

Custom-Made Gaskets

Gaskets are commonly used in the automotive industry. They serve as a spacer between 2 or more mating surfaces to prevent leaks from occurring between the joined objects while under compression. At Phoenix Specialty, we manufacture our gaskets using a professional stamping press. Dies are used with our stamping presses to create gaskets made to a specific size and shape. Whatever unique specifications you require for your gaskets, we can design and manufacture them.

We have over 300 raw materials in stock for you to choose from. Copper is a popular choice for gaskets because of its excellent heat and electrical conductivity. Durable stainless steel is also a fine choice. You can also have your gaskets made from nylon, brass, rubber, fiberglass, and many more materials.

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