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Cost-effective single-use pigs for multiple applications and contingency operations

Foam pigs are used for a wide variety of applications, such as for flooding, dewatering and drying, as well as cleaning, gauging and batching operations. Foam pigs can also be used for proving pipelines suitability for pigging with less flexible pig types such as metal bodied pigs.

The flexible nature of Propipe Foam pigs allows safe running in lines with wax or scale build up (especially if deposit volumes are unknown). Foam pigs can be provided with varied aggression, from simple swabbing or scout pigs (for line proving) onto the heavy density wire brush or studded pigs. Two primary soft foam types are available (standard soft and high grade soft) and then there are two robust moulded foam types (medium and heavy density).

Propipe retains moulds for a full range of sizes, from 22mm to 56” and these are custom-made to order.

Standard Features

  • Standard Soft and High Grade Soft for short runs (1 to 5km)
  • Medium or Heavy Density for up to 300km
  • Supplied as Bare / Coated Ends / Criss Cross Poly Coated / Fully Coated
  • High Grade Polyurethane Elastomer
  • Conical Nose and Concave Rear
  • Bore Passing Up to 40% bore restrictions
  • Minimum Bend Radius 1D minimum

Optional Features

  • Cleaning Brushes (carbon steel, stainless steel or nylon bristle)
  • Bare, Criss Cross Coated or Fully Coated
  • Bi-Di Abrasive Coating
  • Dewaxing Pads
  • Descaling Studs
  • Gauging Plate
  • Tracking Device
  • Pluggable Bypass Ports
  • Signal Magnets
  • Pulling / Lifting Loops
  • Extended Body (Long Run / Wye or Valve passage)

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