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Pigs for Riser, J-tube, I-tube, Spool and other types of mechanical pull-through application

Pull-Thru pigs are designed to be used in any pipeline application where pigs are intended to be pulled through using a wire and winch. Typically this applies to J-Tube and I-Tube applications. Post offshore installation, J-Tubes can become susceptible to marine growth, scale and rust. These types of debris need to be removed by the use of a pull-thru pig which can clean and gauge the pipework prior to the pull in of flexibles.

Other applications include cleaning of spools and other onshore open ended pipework sections prior to installation.

Propipe has a reputation for reliability and expertise and excels in pig design for difficult pipelines.


Pigs are designed to suit each application and are designed to be pulled in either direction. Pigs can be fitted with guide discs and sealing discs (sized to prevent excessive pulling force) as well as circular or spring-mounted brushes. Where the J-Tube may be flooded, pigs can be supplied with flow bypass, to prevent loading on the pig during the operation.

Standard Features

  • Metallic parts from Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (High Tensile Bolts c/w Locking Nuts)
  • Pigging Discs – High Grade Polyurethane Elastomer (2 x Guiding Disc minimum)
  • Standard Pulling Eyes at Front & Rear (Certification by 3rd part pull test available)

Optional Features

  • Swivel Shackles at Front & Rear (Certification by 3rd part pull test available)
  • Sealing Discs (for sweeping out loose debris)
  • Cleaning Brushes (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Nylon)
  • Heavy Duty Scraping Pads (with descaling studs)
  • Slotted or Grooved Guide Discs (for diameter changes)
  • Gauging Plates (Standard or Trident SMART)
  • Mounting for Trident EM or Acoustic Pig Tracking Device
  • Flow Bypass to prevent loading on the pig
  • Neodymium Magnet Packs for scale collection or detection

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