RAO Manufacturing Company

RAO Manufacturing Company

200 Mississippi St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432, United States

High Speed Laser Cutting

High Speed Laser Cutting


Our Fiber Laser and automation is built for speed, quality, and output.

Whether your project is low volume or high volume, RAO will quickly and cost effectively laser cut your parts.  After laser cutting, we can perform other fabricating processes such as: Deep Draw Forming, Press Brake Bending, Welding, Hardware Insertion, and Assembly.

After we have completed the fabricating processes, we are able to send your parts to local companies for painting, plating, and anodizing.  Finally, RAO is able to perform final and sub assembly operations and then warehouse your parts until you need them.

Laser Capabilities:

60” x 120” bed size

Automated material handling

“Lights-out” capabilities

Steel thicknesses up to 0.75”

Stainless Steel thicknesses up to 0.56”

Aluminum thicknesses up to 0.47”

Copper thicknesses up to 0.31”

Brass thicknesses up to 0.31”

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