RAO Manufacturing Company

RAO Manufacturing Company

200 Mississippi St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432, United States

AboutRAO Manufacturing Company

RAO Manufacturing Company was founded in downtown Minneapolis in 1926. RAO is a high quality supplier of Deep Draw Formings, Metal Stampings, Sheet Metal Fabrications, Welded Assemblies, and Tank Heads to customers all over the United States. Our parts are used in products such as: air compressor tanks, cryogenic tanks, water tanks, filter housings, paint sprayers, fireplaces, electronic enclosures, appliances, floor cleaning equipment, small engines & generators, and many other products that are produced by many of the world’s leading OEM’s.

Since 1975, we have been located in Fridley, Minnesota – a suburb north of Minneapolis. Our 150 employees are experts in their field and are dedicated to your success. Our business includes an in-house tool room where we design, build, and maintain your tooling. Our 3 shifts provide us the ability to have flexible production schedules that can easily adapt to your changes in demand or emergencies.

We will be very responsive, dependable and flexible.  Our technical capabilities, quality, and on-time delivery will be at the highest levels of performance.

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