Monel Pipes & Tubes

Monel K-500® (UNS N05500) is a nickel-copper alloy with the same corrosion resistance and characteristics as that of Monel 400®. The Monel K-500® (UNS N05500) has a greater strength and hardness than the Monel 400®, as a result of added aluminum and titanium. In age-hardened condition, the Monel K-500®-UNS N05500 has greater tendency toward stress- corrosion cracking.


UNS N06600



Inconel 600® (UNS N06600) is a standard engineering material and has a great resistance to heat and corrosion. Inconel 600® (UNS N06600) also has high strength and can be easily formed. This Alloy 600-UNS N06600 can be hardened and strengthened only by cold work. Inconel 600® (UNS N06600) can be used in the heat-treating industry for muffles, furnace components, and for heat-treating baskets and trays.


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