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RoMan’s Single-Phase water-cooled transformers feature the most innovative technological advancement for the heat-treating process. Our transformers are designed for balanced electrical delivery and optimal heating. They replace bulky, and inefficient air-cooled transformers with smaller and highly efficient units designed to be close coupled—mounted next to the power feed throughs, increasing overall system efficiencies while minimizing costly secondary cabling. Our transformers can be integrated with various types of controllers including SCR and IGBT controls. RoMan also provides mechanical frames and stands for transformer mounting.


AC or DC Output

DC with Center Tap, Bridge or Six Phase Star Rectifier

Single Phase

Step Up

Step Down

Frequency Range: 40 – 2,000 Hz

Fully encapsulated to ensure long life

KVA Range: 1 kVA to 15MVA

Can be integrated with SCR and IGBT controls, or with any type  of controls and saturable reactors

Smart transformer accessories available include CT’s, PT’s, Thermocouples, and Flow Switches, for integration into the top-level control system for system analysis

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