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Brass Shim Washers

Brass Shim Washers

At Stephens Gaskets we are extremely proud to be brass shim washers supplier and leading shim washers manufacturers. We are also proud to produce products for a wide range of industries and applications.

What is a Brass Shim Washer?

A shim washer can be made from many materials, including aluminium, plastic brass, copper, cork, neoprene, rubber and stainless steel – to name but a few. Furthermore, metal shim washers are typically doughnut-shaped. The diameter around the outside is also usually twice the size of the diameter of the inside.

Not only this, Its most common usage is to distribute the load of a screw or a nut. This therefore ensures the fastener will not break when it has to bear weight. Some other common uses for shim washers are as a spacer or wear pad.

Benefits of a Brass Shim Washer

Brass is popular in applications involving friction reduction due to its strength and durability. Furthermore, Brass shims have excellent resistance to corrosion by water. In addition, they exhibit corrosion resistance in environments where fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene and alcohol are present.

Also, brass demonstrates excellent electrical conductivity. It is therefore extremely popular in the electric industry and appliance industry.

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