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Flexoid Gasket Paper

Flexoid Gasket Paper

As a leading supplier of gasket material, Stephens Gaskets is proud to supply materials that are suitable for a wide range of applications. As a matter of fact, one of our most popular materials is flexoid gasket paper.

What are Flexoid Gaskets Made From?

Flexoid gaskets are made from a plasticised material with gelatine infusion. Thus creates a cellulose-based compound that is highly resistant to many different liquid substances. Arguably, its best and most useful property is its resistance against petrol, oil, water and other fuels. Markedly, because it can seal against these liquids. In addition, it is an extremely cost-effective material and, therefore, is widely used in the automotive sector.

Although our chlorine-free flexoid gasket paper is ideal for the automotive industry. Due to its low heat and chemical resistance, it is not a common material within other industrial sectors. Furthermore, we do not recommend that it come into contact with alkalis, acids and steam. However, there are other alternatives for these types of applications, and they are normally non-asbestos materials.

What are the Uses of Flexoid Gaskets?

The material’s highly desirable resistance properties make flexoid incredibly adaptable when it comes to manufacturing gaskets. Generally, flexoid gaskets are great for use in a wide scope of hardwearing projects. For example, fuel pumps, front plates, oil pumps, oil filters, engine side covers, timing covers, thermostats, water pumps, gearboxes, clutches, axle covers, axle shafts. As well as other applications relating to the automotive industry.

Leading British, European and US automotive manufacturers regularly use flexoid gasket paper because it is easy and convenient to manufacture with. With this in mind, it is common material in replacement vehicle components, which have been discontinued and no longer available for purchase from a retailer. Furthermore, at Stephens Gaskets can supply it in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. This ensures you purchase it in the most convenient form for your requirements.

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