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Turntec Manufacturing

4784 Cleveland St, Casper, WY 82604, United States

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

It was in 1995 that Turntec Manufacturing reached out to the CNC world and purchased its first Mazak lathe.  It was at that time that Turntec then reached out to the local market to handle their CNC machining needs.

Our facilities in Casper, Wyoming consist of about 20,000 sq. ft. of CNC machining area.  We have machining capabilities that include but are not limited to milling, turning, drilling, boring, grinding, etc.  Our CNC machining capabilities also include 4th axis milling.  Our shops consist of Mazak, Cincinnati, Hurco as well as other CNC manufacturers.  Our CNC lathes can be accessed by viewing our CNC lathes.  You can also view our CNC mill capabilities on our milling capabilities page.

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

Our state of the art CNC machining capabilities are the very best the industry has to offer.  Our CNC machining services exceed today’s high precision, tight tolerance machining requirements for machining a variety of hard and heat treated materials.

CNC machining

Our experienced engineers and customer service staff can assist in helping you determine the most suitable CNC machining method for your material and application.

Precision machined parts can be machined to tolerances of +/- .0001″.

Other capabilities include design and engineering for the oilfield industry

We think you will agree, our CNC machining abilities are the best the industry has to offer.  Contact us today to have us fulfill your CNC machining needs

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