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Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors


Chain conveyor systems are rugged, durable conveyors used to transport products along a production line. They are suited to many items that wouldn’t typically convey on a roller conveyor. Therefore, typical uses are to move pallets, racks, industrial containers and any products with a sturdy lower surface. They are used in numerous industrial and commercial environments, including warehouses, automotive plants and distribution centers.


A chain conveyor is powered by a continuous chain and they are primarily utilized to transport heavy loads. Our chain conveyor systems are typically a double strand configuration with the load positioned on the chains, however multiple strand configurations are available.

Because chain conveyors are generally very easy to install they usually require minimal maintenance, and integrates easily in systems with CDLR and transfers. Sometimes they are referred to as a pallet conveyor due to their wide use in transporting wood or steel pallets. In addition, multiple chain options allow for flexibility in applications as well as environments.

Ultimation is one of the leading chain conveyor manufacturers and can design and engineer custom conveyors, as well as providing fast-ship “off the shelf” chains conveyor designs.


Importantly, depending upon the product weight and the product being conveyed, different chain types and tracks are available as well as custom configurations. Capacities typically range from 500 lbs. up to 80,000 lbs for the two strand chain conveyor.

  • Heavy duty welded construction with structural tube chain rails
  • UHMW Polyethylene chain tracks provide wear resistance, quiet operation and power reduction
  • Steel chain tracks for increase loads
  • Padded transfer chains with non-marring pads for glass or painted parts
  • Center-mounted drive allows for chain travel to be reversed
  • Built to order – modifications easily made

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