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1stSource Products, Inc.

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The mission of 1stSource is to provide quality, cost effective components and systems to the Industries we serve. In any situation the measure of our success is, if we have delivered to our Customers products or services that have reduced, not only their initial costs, but their whole life cost. With this goal before our eyes, we strive for continual improvement in all we do. Our products must be not only the most cost effective in the market but high quality and our services whether they be applications engineering, system design/build or installation and aftermarket support must be the highest value for money invested.

Our Products and Services have developed and evolved fueled by our desire to meet the needs of our Customers. Now as we are in the midst of our second decade, our products and services fall into the following general categories:

Overhead Conveyor Components and Systems:

Overhead Conveyors (OHCs) have been a humble workhorse of Industry since they were first developed 100 years ago. The basic design concepts have not changed over the years, but components and assemblies have evolved and improved and of course electrical components and controls have made quantum leaps in recent years.

OHCs fall into two basic types, each with subtypes. 1stSource offers quality components for all of the following (8) sub-types of OHC as well as the design/build and systems integration ability for expansions of existing systems and new systems.

The first of the two basic types of OHC are known as Enclosed Track Conveyor (ETC). These conveyors have machined chains which run in enclosed steel tracks. ETCs have a much lighter loading capacity as compared to the second type OHC described below.

Round Tube Enclosed Track Conveyor:

There are two types of round tube ETC. One type has a vertical pendant between two wheels from which the load can be suspended and the other has an offset pendant from one load wheel. 1stSource offers both complete systems with components that are equal in form fit and function to other manufactures.