Altos Hornos de México, SAB de CV



The mission of Altos Hornos de México and Subsidiaries, is to produce and market products of the highest quality, with the best service and the lowest costs, satisfying and exceeding the needs and expectations of its customers, involving its main asset, its people , with high-tech equipment and systems; creating a safe environment, with growth opportunities for all, while benefiting its investors and the community.


To be the leading Mexican steelmaking company in quality, service and costs, satisfying and exceeding the expectations and needs of all its customers, ensuring the care and development of its workers and the community; preserving the environment and with this guarantee its growth, continuous improvement and sustainability in the long term.


  • Quality, Service, and Continuous Improvement
  • Safety, Orderliness and Cleanliness
  • El cliente y usuario
  • Care for the Environment and Health
  • Costs and Productivity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Development of Technology and Innovation
  • Appropriate Use of Information
  • Social Responsibility
  • The integrity