Ald Vacuum Technologies Gmbh

Ald Vacuum Technologies Gmbh

Otto-von-Guericke-Platz 1, 63457 Hanau

AboutAld Vacuum Technologies Gmbh

As the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum equipment for vacuum metallurgy and heat treatment, we employ approx. 900 people in 10 countries. We set standards through innovative products, state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive service and maximum flexibility. Integrated in a listed Group environment, we understand how to give our employees freedom, to transfer responsibility and to promote them.

ALD Vacuum Technologies supplies equipment and systems for thermal and thermochemical treatment of metallic materials in solid and liquid form. The company’s competence consists on the one hand of its mastery in vacuum process technology and on the other hand of its know-how in designing custom-tailored system solutions for use in these fields.

ALD is noted for its superb know-how basis, high investments in research and development and its strategic alliances. Close collaborations with well-known manufacturers in operator companies have strengthened its position as a supplier of key technologies to major growth markets.