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Alle-kiski Industries

531 Hyde Park Rd, Leechburg, PA 15656, United States

AboutAlle-kiski Industries

Our Motivation

From our inception we asked ourselves one key question; what will differentiate us from our competition in the Precision Manufacturing Industry? We all have similar equipment; CNC Machining Centers, Fabrication Equipment, etc. What we focused on from the very beginning was customer service. Whether it be rushing parts through for an immediate need, permitting our customers to meet with the machinists working on their project or re-engineering key problem areas for them, we’ve taken great pride in providing a superior customer experience, and that pride proliferates through everyone and everything we do.

That focus on providing the “ULTIMATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” is our NORTH STAR at AKI, and it really is the foundation by which we build everything else we do. That starts with engaged and empowered employees and a culture that makes AKI a desirable place to work. These two pieces together make up the vision for our company- “To create Superior Customer Experiences in Contract Manufacturing & Industrial Services while providing a Stable and Desirable Workplace”

It is one thing to say that our passion is customer satisfaction, but it is quite another to have our customers recognize us for this focus. We are proud to say that this commitment to service is what keeps our customers coming back and what has enabled us to have better than a 95% CUSTOMER RETENTION RATE. We will let our customers speak for us, and their commitment to us truly tells the story.

We look at our entire business through the lens of customer satisfaction. This is what has driven our dedication to quality, and our overall approach to managing our process. Want to learn more about what makes us stand out and how we can help you.

“To create Superior Customer Experiences in Contract Manufacturing & Industrial Services while providing a Stable and Desirable Workplace”


What’s our secret? Our strength is in our people. We like to think that we have the best collection of talent in the region. From our front line journeymen machinists, welders and assemblers to our leadership team with over 100 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our collection of knowledge and application expertise.

We know that given the opportunity, we can shine and make the entire process from initial interaction to receiving your package in the door as seamless as possible. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs. Here are some of the highlights of our process:

Quality is of paramount importance to us, and continues to serve as the foundation with which we build all other areas of our business on. Our quality policy is constructed to ensure that we carry that commitment through to everything that we do and throughout every level of our organization. This rigorous commitment to quality, has enabled us to achieve in excess of 99% quality performance for our customers. That does not mean that we are satisfied, as we are constantly striving to improve our process and take preventative measures to further advance our performance.

At AKI we have a full QC lab with fully calibrated gauges and inspection equipment, enabling us to validate our performance and ensure that we can meet the demanding precision criteria our customers have come to expect.

Our Team

Our team of industry experts is the core of our success.

Ultimate Customer Experience is our focus and our North Star, but it takes an entire team to ensure that we can make this a reality for our customers. It comes from a wealth of experience and expertise and a culture centered around customer service. This starts with a foundation of journeymen machinists and welders with hundreds of years of experience to pull from when presented with unique challenges and new opportunities. We support our front line production team with a leadership team comprised of over 200 years of diverse experience.

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