Ambica Steel Limited

Ambica Steel Limited

C-54/1, Wazirpur Industrial Area, New Delhi 110052, INDIA

AboutAmbica Steel Limited

At Ambica Steels, we constantly contribute to our customer’s value-chain by providing them quality steels at an optimal price/value ratio. Product and Process Innovation coupled with Best-in Class management practices enable us to constantly offer our customers better value for their money. A strong Logistics capability and a world-wide network of dealers, warehouses and transport linkages ensure customer proximity and localized service in diverse geographies.

We are an equal opportunity & non-discriminating employer with strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) roles. Our human development program includes every employee and the average number of developmental hours per person per annum exceeds 30 hours. A comprehensive performance management system, a certified Occupational Health & Safety System along with organization development initiatives make us a preferred employer in our vertical. Succession plans at all levels are deployed and ensure continuity in decisions over time.

Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning systems cover all our processes. Most transactions are electronic, real-time and accurate. EDI connectivity with our go-downs and sales points across the world are under consideration and are going to be deployed overcoming years. State-of-the art servers and comprehensive IT security management systems have been deployed to permit safe and secure electronic transaction processing.

We have built a business on strong values of partnerships, transparency, ethics and fair-play. Relationships with our customers, dealers, associates, suppliers, employees are a testimony to our growth together over decades. Many of our customer relationships have been continuous over a decade and we are proud of the continually increasing value we have been able to bring to our customer’s businesses.


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