A.R.E. Manufacturing, Inc.

A.R.E. Manufacturing, Inc.

518 S Springbrook Rd, Newberg, OR 97132, United States

AboutA.R.E. Manufacturing, Inc.


Since 1980, A.R.E. Manufacturing, Inc. (A.R.E.) has been manufacturing the future. Every day we strive to build better relationships, educate our community and (most importantly) make good parts. From our original two-man garage shop to today's state-of-the-art facility, we never stop looking forward. 


Our success is based on the success of our customers. We work every day to find new ways to manufacture parts, increase efficiency and build relationships that serve both our customers and our company. Can your design be tweaked to reduce the cycle time and cost on your part? Our machinist will let you know. Do you have a new product line and are curious what materials will best suit your needs? We'd be happy to explore the options with you.  Is another company a better fit for your needs? We'll tell you that too. We go above and beyond for our customers because we know it's a symbiotic relationship. 


We love machining. It might be smelly and a little dirty, but for A.R.E. it has opened doors, fed families and built futures. We believe manufacturing has a place in every community, and we don't take lightly our responsibility to educate a new generation of machinists. For over 30 years, we have worked with Newberg High School to hire high school interns interested in working with their hands outside of a classroom. Our shop foreman actually started as an intern in 1986! This year we expanded on the internship concept and helped launch Tiger Manufacturing, a for-profit contract machine shop operated by Newberg High School students. The students are machining real parts, for real customers with real paperwork and paychecks. We are thrilled to see this project up and running!


In 2005 we were expanding rapidly and realized we needed to make a change. We thought the change was a $1 million building and equipment expansion. But before we moved forward with that plan, we met with SEDCOR and OMEP (Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership) to see if there were other options. OMEP introduced us to the concept of Lean Manufacturing and our world changed. We no longer needed a building expansion and instead focused on improving our manufacturing processes. Since starting Lean, we have implemented a "paint-by-numbers" machining method, created an in-house training program, and overhauled our entire company culture. To learn more about Lean Manufacturing and how it benefits our customers, visit our Lean Manufacturing page.

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